Benshi No.11 本事雜誌
Muskun kata一起我們 - 王宏恩 Biung 音樂專輯
先自然 Natural First
Par Special Issue
TCCF, Taiwan Creative Content Fest 2021 創意內容大會 活動視覺
Simpany 簡單開公司
Benshi No.15 本事雜誌
LIGHTWELL Identity Design 品牌設計
Sunmai Craft Beer Branding Design 金色三麥 品牌設計
Taiwan NOW Website
Kaohsiung Music Center Grand Opening
Openbook 2020 Event Identity 好書獎 活動視覺
Next Academy Event Visual 接下來練習場 活動視覺
Garden Mingle - Field Practice 花園練習
2015 TIFA 台灣國際藝術節
Crystal Valley Sparkling Water
Cloud Gate Official Website 雲門官網
SpaceCycle Identity Design
Phaedra/Phaedra 極西之地有個費特兒 視覺設計
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts 2021 Greeting Cards
Yuheng Tea Branding and Packaging 有恆焙茶 品牌設計
Hold That Tiger - The Muddy Basin Ramblers
NUDE Official Website NUDE 電商官網
Hip Hop night at NPM
Benshi No.10 本事雜誌
Stallion Era Music Festival 2019
Chen Li - Migration
All You Can Glyph Exhibition 展覽策劃
Benshi No.9 本事雜誌
Tiger Mountain Ramble 2020 Poster Design 虎山音樂祭活動視覺
MOTTI Official Website
Benshi No.8 本事雜誌
SUNMAI Classic Series
Weiwuying Program Guide #3
SUNMAI Honey Series 2020 New Version
Fade to Blue - David Chen and Chung Yufeng
Be Fine Art Gallery 比劃比劃藝廊
TIP, Technical Invention Prize 2017
The Library Card Project 書後卡計畫
CAMA Cafe 2018 Moon Festival
蔥澡 Official Website
SANYU Official Website 常玉官網
X-line Design Official Website 沈志忠聯合設計官網
SHIN HER FA Official Website 新合發官網
SHIN HER FA - Branding
Boksulao Cafe Identity 牧師樓咖啡 品牌設計
Village Taipei 台北村落之聲官網
SHAO YEN Official Website 劭彥官網
Benshi No.7 本事雜誌
Benshi No.6 本事雜誌
Takao Rock Music Festival 2018
Benshi No.5 本事雜誌
Stallion Era Music Festival 2018
Formosa Medicine Show - The Muddy Basin Ramblers
Benshi No.4 本事雜誌
Benshi No.3 本事雜誌
Benshi No.2 本事雜誌
Chen Li - Peng Lai
SOY LA LEY 音樂專輯設計
WEIWUYIN Program Guide⁠ 衛武營半年刊 2018⁠
Benshi No.1 本事雜誌
Green in Hand Official Website 掌生穀粒官網
We Settled Here - Lo Sirong & Gomoteu
Dream Pool of Gutenberg 古騰夢溪
Taiwan Color Stage Fest
Swing Inc - Peggy Hsu
1000 Taipei Homes 一千個台北人家 城市快拍活動網站
WEIWUYIN Monthly Program
Tiger Mountain Ramble 2016
Mr. Hormone - TOLAKU 脫拉庫樂團 - 賀爾蒙先生 音樂專輯設計
WEIWUYIN 2016 Program Guide
Calendar with 3D glasses
Concert identity for Music Unlimited VI - Void
Music unlimited 8 - I Love Taiwan
Typephoon, Exhibition Identity Design
Yii - Brand identity
Style Aesthetic Clinic
Experimental Chinese Opera Festival 小劇場戲曲節
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