All You Can Glyph
A glyph is the visual representation of a character.

Far more than a just component of text in typography, glyphs play the heart in type design. With difference typeface, glyphs can look unassuming or quiet, and give a significant mode of visual communication – including its lines, curves, angles, spacing and proportions – all contain details and considerations that invoke emotion. 
A glyph is a cabinet of wonder that can transport across cultures and times and aesthetic dimensions. It is crucial but often neglected.
We look to individual glyphs separated from the font family and using contexts. Within microcosmic perspective, glyphs are become dynamic as life. It’s expressive. It’s rich in emotion and vitality. It becomes a striking existence.

字形(字符),是字的形體、字的輪廓、文字中字母的視覺表現,也是字體設計中很重要的一個範疇。隨著不同的字體,他們有的張揚、有的安靜,賦予了文字在視覺上的情緒與節奏;他們的每一筆劃、弧度、正負空間比例,都是經過思量後的精準佈局;他們有著獨特的性格與美感,並乘載著自身的歷史與時代脈絡軌跡。Glyph,他們如此重要卻總被忽略。我們將尺度放大,單獨抽離 Glyph 自既定使用語境與字型家族,用微觀的角度觀察他們,發現他們像是一個個有機靈動的小動物般,充滿肢體語言、豐富表情與生命力、驕傲地存在著。

A micro-exhibition co-curated by Onion Design and Eyeson Type
不只是圖書館 2019.7.9 - 8.4
Special thanks to Tien ming Liao
Instagram:  #allyoucanglyph

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