The CD packaging is printed with letterpress in Taiwan.
Fade to BLUE  By David Chen & Chung Yufeng

Chung Yufeng, a pipa (琵琶) player, and David Chen, a U.S. born blues guitarist, combined the unlikely sounds of Chinese pipa and blues guitar in a collaborative music project called "Fade to Blue" (藍。掉). The CD is a live recording consist of only 2 instruments, a Chinese pipa and an acoustic blues guitar with no other backing instrument. It is a dialogue between 2 musicians and 2 instruments, between the east and the west, a man and a woman from different cultural and musical backgrounds.

In order to capture the purity of their collaboration, only 2 colors (inks) were used on the entire album. Red ink for the pipa, the female musician, the east. While blue ink represents s the blues guitar, the male and also all the English text he wrote. Letterpress printing is also used to reinforce the raw and organic nature of their performance.

鍾玉鳯(琵琶)、David Chen(共鳴器吉他、12弦木吉他、演唱)

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DFA, Design For Asia Award 2016 Bronze Award 
亞洲最具影響力設計獎 銅獎

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