Typographic collage:  Martyrs, Pilgrims, Sadhus
(Typography Collage, type collage)

Body Imaging
Body Imaging is one of the 7 exhibitions featured in Creative EXPO Taiwan 2018, co-curator Joe Fang invited graphic designers, photographers and artists to a group hike, in Mount Hehuan, a 3,416-metre-high (11,207 ft) mountain in Central Taiwan, to feel their bodies and then translate their experiences into visual languages in the form of posters, which are presented in unusual ways. 

My Posters
During the hiking trip, I couldn’t help but think “under what kind of condition when one decided to leave the city life behind and throw himself into the steep mountains with unpredictable weather?” To me, it is an irrational ascetic practice. It is in fact, a pilgrimage. However when I review the process of creating art and music, and the athletic competition with ration, I find similar to the climb. The creating process itself is an ascetic practice. Thus my works explore the emotional connection between Creativity and Suffering. Instead of relying on computers and software, (without the aid of any technology) I use my hands to tear, rip and cut images and types out of paper, then assemble them as typographic collage combined with photomontage techniques, just like giving pains to the body, for a spiritual pursuit and realization.

Pilgrims  A pilgrimage is a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. Tibetans believe those who have encountered hardships can lessen their sin by circumambulating the holy mountain.  Sadhus in India practice "Sadhana", a religious ascetic practice with thousands of years in Indian history. Sadhus regard their body as the carrier of sin, and through renouncing mundane like, they minimize material desire to pursue spiritual goals.  Martyrs are heroes int he most extreme and romantic sense. A martyr is someone who suffers persecution and death for advocating, renouncing, refusing to renounce or refusing to advocate a brief or cause as demanded by an external party.

身體視文化:殉道者 •朝聖者 • 苦行者(漢字拼貼
因為這次的登山計畫,走在山徑上經驗了自然的力量,風聲、蟲叫、被擴音的呼吸與心跳聲、雙腳持續的痛楚、 流不停的臉上汗水。當時的我不由地想問,到底是怎樣的狀態,人會離開舒適享受的物質城市,把自己擺到氣候不穩定的嚴峻高山上,經歷一段時間的肉體痛苦、疲勞、寒冷、飢餓與危險, 只為追求攀登到達頂峰時瞬間的自我滿足。這種非理性的「苦行」行為,並不符合現代物質社會裡的投資報酬思維。 但也發現這些經驗,與藝術設計、音樂創作、運動競賽......歷程如此雷同, 創作過程何不就是一種自我的苦行過程,多重交錯的身心靈煎熬與衝撞不 會停止,直到作品完成的那一道曙光來臨,方得短暫的釋放。 這次創作,嘗試離開電 腦和軟體,使用最原始手工、文字拼貼手法,把文字搓揉、撕裂、剪開、再加以拼合、黏貼,表現三種對自身肉體自願式的加以痛苦,以為完成精神上的追尋。

2018 臺灣文博會「身體視文化」:前進一座山,用身體設計​​​​​​​  

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