Taiwan Indie Rock band The White Eyes performed live in the festival. Photo courtesy of Taiwan Colors Music.
Photos courtesy of Taiwan Colors Music.
Taiwan Color Stage Fest
Curated by Taiwan Indie Muisc Label, Taiwan Colors Music, The Festival celebrates a unique Taiwanese subculture of Stage Cars, aka Taiwanese Electric Flower Cars. They are trucks that have been converted into wheeled, neon-lit platforms, typically moving stages, upon which pole dancers and singers can perform in religious, celebratory or wedding banquets. The festival features 30 Stage Trucks/ 30 Dancing Poles/Stage Truck Singers/ Religious Marching Bands and Famous Taiwanese Indie Bands and DJs.
All the typography in the poster imitates neon-signs of the stage cars. The Poster is also printed with 4 Fluorescent inks to pay tribute to the colorful local Taiwan subculture. The Foot symbol in the poster is a reference to the slogan “Let’s jump! Taiwan”.

For more Stage cars images, Visit: Artist Shen Chao-Liang.

金光舞台車閃閃嘉年華延續 2016 年創造話題的台灣獨有「電子花車文化」,將移動活躍於民間婚喪喜慶的草根印象,雖印象草根,但其因應演出需求,逐年間亦不斷演變、進化,結合功能性、硬體車台、科技、音樂與燈光,其進展實可以為一個科技、藝術美感與形式的演進研究。

2017 年,進階將此形式結合搖滾與電子音樂,把這深入臺灣城鄉廟會各地的演出形式大會師於台北,介紹給侷限於北台灣觀點思維的城市居民,同時將前衛的與實驗的搖滾與電子樂,呼喊上這狀似傳統俗艷的舞台上,兩種充滿力量看似不相同,卻隱藏著某些相似精神的藝術形式互相激發,衝撞出全新與不可預期的的體驗。

基於這內含的精神,視覺設計的角度即為充分展現這些刺激、不羈、恣意狂放的可能,延續 2016 年霓虹燈管的文字招牌印象,畫面上出現了忍不住跳躍起來的腳,是我們無法停下來的渴望突破與找尋出口的迫切,加上濃郁的廟會色彩,這俗艷、煽情、華麗而生生不息的生命力,不是我們最可賴以信仰而共可共創造的泉源所在嗎?

金光舞台車音樂概念受啟發於 沈昭良 老師的 STAGE 攝影集

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