Tiger Mountain Ramble Outdoor Music Festival 2016

An outdoor music festival for all ages celebrating Peace, Love & Rock Music.
The pigeon, a symbol of peace, who once stood on the guitar neck of the Woodstock poster.
and is now standing on the top of Tony the Tiger's head. 

Tony the Tiger, debut in 1952, is the advertising cartoon mascot for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes 
(also known as Frosties) breakfast cereal, appearing on its packaging and advertising. 
A typical metaphor for American consumerism. 

虎山音樂祭 2016

一隻曾站在吉他上代表和平的 Woodstock 鴿子, 如今站在消費主義的老虎頭上。
(Tony the Tiger, 1950 年起是家樂事 Kellogg Cereal「早餐玉米片」
包裝盒上的 Mascot 吉祥物, 典型美國商業消費主義的象徵。)

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