Hacking IKEA 
Taiwan 2009

Hacking IKEA has been organized by Platform 21 since 2008. The spirit of the activity is to initiate an inspiring thought: standardized and mass production goods can be transformed by creativity, and generate more possibilities on aesthetics and functionality. In 2009, the event will be held in Taipei from 28th August to 6th September, along with Taiwan Designers’ Week. About 30 pieces of works from Taiwanese, Dutch, French, and German designers will be exhibited together in Taipei Huashan Culture Park.

"Through organizing Hacking IKEA in Taipei, we wish to represent a new concept of life aesthetics" said Sasson Kung, curator of Hacking IKEA Taipei 2009. "The new concept can stimulate the public to think of their daily life and home environment with creativity. It combines commercial products with experimental and artistic factors, and creates topics and influences to the society."

The event also aims for introducing global design concepts and trends to Taiwan, and create a platform for designers to publish and share their ideas. Furthermore, it can inspire Taiwanese society on the perspectives of life aesthetics

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