Gloomy Island Blues Festival 2018​​​​​​​
A Blues Festival Take place in Hong Kong. German Expressionist woodcut style are use to depict the social and political atmosphere of Hong Kong at the moment. Distorted, dark and frustrated the residents are struggling to survive under the pressure of the city. The blue-tone music has a strong body in an attempt to counter this collective depression.

香港慘島藍調節 2018
嘗試用 20 世紀初德國表現主義版畫手法(German Expressionist woodcut)反映香港此刻扭曲變形、黑暗與沮喪的政治社會氛圍,居民在城市層層壓迫之下,群體生命掙扎求存的命運。藍調音樂以強壯的身軀,企圖對抗這排山倒海的集體憂鬱。

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