LuminTree house
Treasure Hill is a village

Treasure Hill is a village built up by the local residents. The crossing houses and paths reveal the close relationships between neighbors, which gives the modern society a chance to think twice of the reason that the isolation of family life.

Taking the idea of “living together” as beginning,LuminTree House opens a conversation regarding how people live together and rethink the demarcation of public and private matter. Like setting up a tent in a campsite, we set up several “Treasure Tent” which is the most intimate demarcation of body symbolizing one’s inner side as well as a nice place to rest and stay. The big tent on the second floor penetrates the original arrangement from indoor to outdoor space, though still pays respect to different requirements. 

It also brings the common experience of relaxing and cooling down under a big tree into the room for you to chat with friends under LuminTree. The tent at the back on the second floor surrounds a public space in an accommodation place.

In the LuminTree House, the demarcation of public and private space shifts continuously. We hope to build up “Treasure Tent” everywhere and let LuminTree provide power and brightness for people. Travelers from all over the world carry their unique brightness and gather at LuminTree to celebrate the true cosmopolitan meaning of Lantern Festival.
Take a Light and Bask in Nighttime

曬衣計畫 - 挑燈夜曬
According to the unique structure and lifestyle of Treasure Hill, the basking landscape becomes part of the panorama of the village. We collaborate with resident artist, Li-Hsin Wang, and hide the clothes in lighting installation for you to see the beautiful view of the sea of clothes in this small hill town.
Invisible Builder

A spirit symbolized the all the unnamed builders of the Tresure Hill Village.
Hemlis Chandelier
Ikea Hemlis Hanger x 39, Light Bulb x 18

The Chandelier is made of 39 ikea Hemlis clothes hangers. Aiming to explore the mathematical possibilities of a cheap Ikea hanger. Originally created for the Hacking Ikea exhibition in Taipei 2009.

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