Music Unlimited 8─ I Love Taiwan,合唱無設限8─我愛台灣



Music Unlimited 8─ I Love Taiwan
音樂以「台灣的一日」為脈絡, 在各個時間光景中, 用人聲呈現當代台灣的人文百貌。視覺取台灣常民的「日常生活場域」, 呼應音樂中台灣島嶼上每個生命的開放性與包容力。

我 - 取常民食肆「我家牛排」
愛 - 取大眾民生購物商場「愛買」
台 - 取信仰宗教場域「基督教會台北市中心」
灣 - 取歷史藝術殿堂「國立台灣博物館」

Music Unlimited 8─ I Love Taiwan

Taipei Chamber Singers — Music Unlimited 8 (I Love Taiwan)
Music Unlimited 8 — I Love Taiwan, annual contemporary production of Taipei Chamber Singers, is based off "A Day in Taiwan" exploring the authentic vitality contemporary Taiwan. The images of the four Chinese characters " I Love Taiwan" were take from vernacular typography and street signs on the street of Taipei. Representing an ordinary day of life of ordinary people.

Four Hanzi (Chinese characters) were photographed from various stores and institutions accordingly.
我 I — My Home Steak, a Steak House
愛 Love — A-Mart, a local Super market
台 Tai — Church of Christ, Taipei (Neon Sign)
灣 Wan — National Taiwan museum