Jioufen Teahouse Official Website,九份茶坊



九份是第一家百年古厝茶坊,以「茶、陶、畫」為主軸的經營理念, 在各個旅人的心目中自然留下了不同角度的記憶點, 本次規劃中企圖重現這些旅人記憶中美好的九份面貌 – 陰雨綿綿的, 靜靜的, 天晴的, 山城小貓出沒的, 夜燈出上的, 夏日晚風的, 人潮擠擠的, 有點鄉愁的, 金沙淘盡的, 感傷的, 有點逝去美好的, 期待從進入的氛圍, 文字, 圖片與文字的大小,比例 瀏覽的節奏帶你回到你記憶中的九份。

Jioufen Teahouse Official Website

In the 1990s, Jioufen was immersed in a bleak atmosphere of depleted gold veins and empty chambers. The opening of “Jioufen Teahouse” woke up the entire mountain town of Jioufen. It was the first teahouse with one hundred years of history and also led to the prosperity of Jioufen for the second time.